The Nature of Therapy

Most people have only had exposure to the therapy process through TV or movies, (you know that stereotypical scene where you lie on the couch and talk about your mother?) Others relegate therapy to something that “crazy people” need, like you have to be emotionally unstable to seek counsel. The truth is that, as we have worked with people over the last 25 years, we have found that therapy can be deeply beneficial for regular people like you and me. Think about it, everyone has some kind of “glitch” in their lives. Maybe it’s a nagging feeling of insecurity, or a relentless behavior that you just can’t shake. What I tell people is, “why live that way” when there are actually ways you can resolve it? Individual or marital therapy isn’t just “talk therapy” where someone tells you what to do. It is a powerful process that can actually equip you with tools that you don’t presently have, to live life with more freedom and joy. This is not only how people grow psychologically, but it is God’s plan for us too. Once we are in the family of God, he puts us in a growth process that’s not just designed for us to become “good” but is also created for us to live life more richly. Therapy is a strategic, heads up way of furthering that process in your personal life, your child’s life, or your marriage.